Stratocaster 1981

1981 is the last year for the large headstock stratocaster.
Only beginning of the 1981 that the basic model, which has the same features of the 1976 stratocaster was produced.

1981 is an important transition year of stratocaster.

A variations can be found this year for example white plastic, four-bolt neck, bullet truss rod adjustment and large headstock also offer this year.

However, the unique features of 70s' stratocaster, which are . . .
Theree bolts neck
Diamond head "F" tuner
Bullet trust rod adjustment nut
"U" shape maple neck
and Large headstock
still available this year.

This is the original 1981 olympic white stratocaster with its non-tremolo hardtrail bridge that I just get it today. It has all unique features of the 70s' style that I want. It's mint and comes with the original hard case.

Finally, I have the large headstock stratocaster in my collection.
This stratocaster is nice, clean, sexy and definitely bring me the happiness . . .


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