Apple Care

Apple Care
Today I get the replacement battery for my powerbook G4.

Recently, apple just recalled the battery back for every powerbook G4, which were bought from Oct 2004 - March 2005 due to its heat issue. (Powerbook G4 Battery Exchange Program)

Mine is in the list of Apple recall and replacement battery. No doubt ! . . . I went through its application for replacement my batterry (with hopeless because i bought my powerbook in USA but i'm in Thailand now).

Finally, apple win my heart by sending the replacement batt to my house and pay all shipping. What i have to do is take the new batt and put my recall batt into the envelop and send it back to Apple via DHL without paying.

Very impressive service, isn't it ?

This won't make any surprise if you live in other country especailly if you live in USA, you can return stuff you don't like after you buy and use it already. You will always get a very nice service within the US Law.....but these won't happen in Thailand.

However, apple have proved that they cares customer all around the world.

I love Apple !

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